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Released - 10 Listopada, 2018

Aberracja[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Gacha[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Fix for Gacha's sad effects not playing properly
  • Fixed bug where taming didn't decay over time
  • Fixed bug where taming didn't reset when a different player/tribe started taming
  • Fixed bug where taming was always at 100% effectiveness
  • Set Gacha to have a lower chance of dropping an item when wild
  • Adjusted Gacha loot to skew towards lower quality rolls being more common
  • Increased Gacha affinity gained per level to match other dinos of similar size
  • Reduced the max quality of generated items to a more appropriate amount
  • Adjusted how much food Snow Owl pellets give
  • Fixed issue with disappearing saddle

Gasbags[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Made Gasbags like their favorite taming food again
  • Updated drag weight values for dinos that did not have it set so they're not all pick-up-able by a Ptera

Cryopod[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Fix for XP exploit
  • Disabled ability to cryo rafts and motorrafts
  • Disabled ability to cryo Cryosick dinos
  • Cryo sick dinos take 10x damage

Orbital Supply Drop[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Enabled Element Veins
  • Fixed issue with certain OSD mode networks
  • Fixed issue where crate could respawn in the same location after crate landed

Singleplayer[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Titans should no longer consume food in singleplayer
  • Fix for game save location (should auto migrate)

Velonasaur[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Fix issue with spines floating after a dino mesh is harvested too quickly.
  • Fix stamina issues with Velonasaur getting in a state where it was stuck charging stamina without doing an ability.
  • Fix for Velonasaur being able to ground boss flyers

Tek Bridge[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Removed bug that caused vaults to float when a bridge was disabled
  • Vaults no longer block bridges

Dino Leash[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Added smaller radius for breeding

Mek[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Fix for Mega Mek regaining health
  • Set Mek pistol to be unable to damage metal or tek
  • Increased damaged to Mek when in siege mode
  • Disabled shield retracting when Mek is still flying upward
  • Fixed issue with Mek shields preventing the buffs/debuffs from applying
  • Prevented shield from deploying within range of enemy turrets
  • Mek siege cannon and missile pod projectiles move slower and can now be properly targetable by turrets
  • Adjusted Mek charge-up for siege to be quicker
  • Adjusted Mek drag weight to match their size
  • Auto-colorize Mek backpacks with the Mek's colors

Snow Owl[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Fix bug that caused players to go into a weird state after being affected by its ice bomb
  • Snow Owl encapsulate healing amount is now based on the Owl's base health instead of the healed dino's base health
  • Set Owls to not 'poop' so frequently so they are a more rare resource

Managarmr[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Now requires half second pass before allowing another forward dash after jumping.
  • Adjusted ice breath to not be usable directly behind you on the ground.
  • Fixed Managarmr laying carno eggs
  • Fix issue with damage calculation
  • Fix issue with FOV calculating incorrectly when user has a non-default FOV setting.

Enforcer[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Hid blank buff that appeared when blinking with an Enforcer
  • Enabled Scouts and Enforcers to be crafted in the city terminals

Scout[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Scouts no longer drop eggs
  • Enabled Scouts and Enforcers to be crafted in the city terminals

Titans[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Desert Titan node health fix
  • Titan beta/gamma health fix
  • Improved Desert Titan basing
  • Transmitter UI no longer shows Titan is downloadable during two hour download limit

Tłumaczenie[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Dodano napisy w języki chińskim

Difficulty[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Set max Override Difficulty to 5

Mapa Zagłady[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Wyłączono zjawisko meteorów na chwilę obecną z powodu meteorów powodujących zniszczenia w nieprzeznaczonych do tego obszarach
  • Naprawiono zbytnie namnażanie się wodnego spawnera lodowej jaskini, dodano wodny spawner z wrogimi dinozaurami
  • Updated spawn volumes to fix Beaverpocalypse
  • Updated Wasteland cavern water spawner volumes
  • Fixed sound radius for street lights, no longer can be heard by everyone in the area
  • Naprawiono różne dziury w mapie
  • Converted all of the water ppvol DoF to use Gaussian settings matching those on the Island
  • Naprawiono przesył map
  • Water plane fixes
  • Fixed some floating resources
  • Fixed teleporting between domes breaking their effects
  • Dome streaming fixes
  • Updated drag weight values for dinos that did not have it set so they're not all pick-up-able by a Ptera